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Sunday 05/02/2018 - Shiplate Fishery Open - Squircle Pond

I have been thinking of buying another waggler rod, so I spoke to Tony Rixon who is the man to consult on this sort of thing. I was pointed in the direction of the Drennan Ultra rods. As soon as I picked up both the 13 foot Ultra and the Ultra plus I was amazed how technology had moved on since being a Normark convert. These rods are less than 5oz in weight and have the correct amount of stiffness in the second joint which I was looking for (a lot of highly priced rods are just too floppy due to the “through action” nonsense). After switching between the two and finding small but noticeable differences – weight and stiffness. I went for the Ultra plus because of it’s slightly better stiffness, which would best suit me. I wish Dad could have had a waggled it he would have been amazed.

I am getting stuck on where to fish Sundays at the moment especially as I like to stay local in the winter. With Windmill attendances falling off I booked Geoff and me into the Shiplate open which, due to it’s popularity had two club matches on the main lakes to we were put on Squircle Pond, which was limited to nine.

First stop Shipham cafĂ© which was very busy with anglers. I felt hungry so went for the large, when it arrived I was thinking too much when mate’s Bela and Gordon came in on their way to Viaduct, so I was able to off load some.

We were made very welcomed by Carol and Steve with Geoff getting the Tea Induction course.

Now from time to time comments have been made about the cleanliness of my tackle especially the Boss box “looks like new”. I pride myself with ensuring my kit is ready for a match. However, today I found someone who has taken cleanliness to a higher level – Shaun Larkham. I thought at first that all his kit was brand new and first time out, apparently not (pictured right). A good workman always looks after his tools. He told me he uses cotton wool buds on his trolley wheels.

In to the draw tub and out comes peg 9. I have only fished this pond once before and had 70lb so thought I would start where I finished this match with micro and 4mm expander. I set up a 4x12 to fish the expander at top-set plus one and a 4x12 to fish over. Like and idiot I also started to feed as if I was going to repeat the weight! After three quick small Brown Goldfish on the expander I couldn’t get a bite. So went over which was easily reached with 10 and a bit metres with maggot over maggot and due to the wind found the rig too light so changed to a 4x12, however, the presentation wasn’t good and although I was catch some small Silvers the presentation wasn’t good enough, and spent too much time trying to make it work. It was soon apparent that the fish had migrated to the early pegs with the frame to be made up of these pegs. I walked down to Geoff who was also struggling on peg 11 and was chasing Goldfish by dobbing maggot. It was close weight wise between us so at least I was now back into a competition. Back to my peg and decided to sit it out at top-set plus three where I picked off Ronnie’s, Chub, Perch and the occasional Goldfish on Pinkie over Pinkie in dry GB. I even started to enjoy myself despite the freezing cold NE biting wind. I should have fished this line all day.

I weighed 9lb 2oz of mainly proper Silvers just pippin Geoff by 8oz.

The match was won by Mark Thorne (pictured right) with 42lb 6oz from first peg 2. Mark caught on various baits finding corn over micro best catching at one metre from the far side. The regulars got it right with most catching the bigger Carp using corn.

It was nice to fish a five hour match old style from 10 to 3 we were back home by 5:30 which did include stop in a local pub. Geoff was really impressed with the fishery set-up especially the no mud aspect. We had a walk up to the River Axe and was amazes to see so many Roach topping. Jim Thomas has been fishing it lately with stick float and caster. I must say it made me want to have a go with the new rod, which I just might.

Full Result:

  1. Mark Thorne 42-06-0 peg 2
  2. Nigel Webber 27-0-0 peg 4
  3. Steve Howell 22-12-0 peg 5
Weigh Sheet:

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