Thursday, 8 February 2018

Thursday 08/02/2018 - Bathampton AA Open - Withy Pool

It was the first time back on Withy Pool for some time. I was hoping for a peg I could chuck my new waggler rod at, such as any peg in the 60’s and behind the Island. In to the draw bag and out comes peg 72, which I was happy with thinking it would be an end peg. But, it wasn’t to be as John Fry arrived on peg 73! However, I was expecting John to fish the lead down to the aerator for Carp – but didn’t. Plenty of small Roach on this end peg so was hoping John would share a few.

Tony Rixon's was having problems with his trolley and had to do a quick wheel change. The  Ferrari Pit team need not worry (pictured right). No that's not Jack but Dave.

Although it’s not a waggler peg I set it up anyway because it was eager to get it wet. I had pre-set it up at home with apparently not enough light because I threaded the line behind the tip eye!! So reset it up, had a few casts with it but remains a virgin. Just the one pole rig a 4x14 in 5 foot of water, which was good enough for a multitude of lines but initially choose one at top-set plus two only because I expected to only catch small Ronnie’s so wanted them close. After feeding GB laced with a few dead Pinkie with P’s on the hook I expected to catch fish early, but after an hour nothing. Meanwhile end-peg John was catching small fish regularly. So I decided to go longer than John to 10 metres with the same bait. I soon had a small Skimmer and thinking blank avoided. Not another bite so went for a walk and found that only me and John had caught a fish on our bank. So back and after adding some dry GB in the GB mix and feeding it loose I started to catch a few small Ronnie’s. I then saw signs of a better fish over the feed, possibly a Carp. The swim subsequently died I then had a visit from Tony Rixon who was on peg 54 who was blanking and said he was thinking of going on Bridge Pool. I suggested that he fish on as one Carp would do it today and was on the peg to do it….see his blog for the outcome…

It took a while to get the fish back having another run of Ronnie’s. Luckily I had a bonus 12oz Perch which might have been the earlier disrupter.

I finished the match with 6lb 8oz for a 4th Silvers and a pick up by an overall default- happy days. HOWEVER, I WAS BEATEN BY DAVE GILLARD WHO INSISTED ON US ALL EATING HUMBE PIE BACK AT THE COMPTON INN. Well done matey – make the most of it I say.

The match was won by Paul Barnfield (pictured right) with 21lb 10oz comprising of two Carp caught on the waggler fished in Pete Greenslade’s peg.
The Silvers was won by John Fuidge (pictured right with some decent Roach) with 11lb 11oz from gully peg 57. John caught on Pinkie over to far bank.

Full Result:

  1. Paul Barnfield 21-10-0 peg 59
  2. John Fuidge 11-11-05-0 peg 57
  3. Tony Rixon 9-05-0 peg 54
  4. Dave Gillard 6-11-0 peg 45
  5. Chris Rolfe 6-10-0 peg 47
Top Silvers:

  1. John Fuidge 11-11-0 peg 57
  2. Dave Gillard 6-11-0 peg 45
  3. Chris Rolfe  6-10-0 peg 47
  4. Mike Nicholls 6-08-0 peg 72
Weigh Sheet:

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